"We want this to be a great city for our kids to return to and raise their kids and grandkids here.  If we think about it through this lens, we can make progress together.  This is very important to me.  My wife and I chose to raise our four daughters where she grew up, in District 1. We want them to do the same and that can be achieved by keeping the future in mind with every conversation. I will continue to be this voice."


  • Advocate for the needs and safety of the District 1 Community.
  • Fight for the continued improvement of our schools.
  • Ensure that the city is being fiscally responsible in its decision making.
  • Engage youth through the renovation of our city parks with affordable programs.
  • Respond to ALL constituents’ needs and requests in a timely manner.
  • Support and assist with continued street and sidewalk improvements in our neighborhoods

"We require stronger short and long-term goals for economic development, attracting businesses, considering what we are doing as a community to educate our children appropriately, and what each of our roles are as leaders in getting us there."