Keeping Worcester Safe:
Councilor Sean M. Rose’s Record on Law Enforcement

Since he was first elected in 2018, Sean has taken the issue of his neighbors’ and community’s safety seriously.  Sean has fought to ensure that the Worcester Police Department has the right tools and resources on hand to: effectively respond to every inbound call, engage with the community, and remain vigilant against crime.  Sean has never voted to lessen or eliminate Worcester PD funding.


Sean’s voting record on funding public safety and law enforcement speaks for itself:

  • 2018 – voted in favor of the Worcester PD budget.

  • 2019 – voted in favor of the Worcester PD budget.

  • 2020 – voted in favor of the Worcester PD budget.

  • 2021 – voted in favor of the Worcester PD budget.


In fact, Sean has voted for several measures that demonstrate his commitment to: law enforcement, Worcester PD’s presence in the community, and efforts to help boost recruitment.  These include:

  • In 2018, 2019 and 2021, voted to increase police presence or reports on policing efforts in several neighborhoods.

  • In 2018, voted for city to explore alternatives to public safety software to better meet the needs of emergency services departments.

  • In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, voted for virtual outreach and study session for police and fire department civil service exams to increase participation.

  • In 2020, voted for two measures to encourage students to pursue careers in public safety by providing academic credit for civil service exam preparation.

  • In 2020, called for a permanent body camera program for Worcester PD.


“I am not voting to defund the police.  I am voting to create policy and good policy that was put up by my peers.”

- Councilor Sean M. Rose after voting to pass a $254,320 (5%) increase to the Worcester PD budget in 2020.  MassLive, June 16, 2020


What we must do to ensure a safer Worcester?


Sean has always supported sensible reforms that help the Worcester PD keep our community safe, including:


  • Funding and deploying interventionists and specialists trained in mental health and addiction to assist officers on the streets;

  • Strengthening community policing to better connect law enforcement officers with Worcester’s diverse communities and that takes into effect the varying needs of all our neighbors;

  • Ensuring transparency and an objective record by outfitting all officers with body cameras; and

  • Providing trauma-informed care and other therapeutic interventions to help steer court-involved teens on the path to becoming responsible and contributing citizens.


Why did Sean not vote in favor of ShotSpotter Connect?


Sean does not oppose ShotSpotter technology, which deploys police resources to locations where a gun has just been fired.

The enhanced ShotSpotter Connect service is a predictive model program to reduce and deter crime. Sean voted against Shot

Spotter Connect because of its unproven history and unknown costs. He continues to try to protect the taxpayer.